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Our Beers

At Fishtown Brewpub, we firmly believe that we need to look no further than our own neighborhood and the great city that surrounds us for inspiration. Fishtown itself is a blend of the old and new, with a great deference for history but also a thriving spirit of innovation, and we feel much the same about our brewing style.

We embrace brewing classic German and English styles using traditional ingredients, believing not only that these beers tend to be exquisitely drinkable, but also that they serve as able companions to our delicious rotating food menu. On the other end of the spectrum, we are also whole-hearted supporters of the constant flux and evolution of modern beer styles, experimenting with a range of IPA’s whose ingredients span the globe and using new techniques that would make the brewmasters of yester-year shudder.

All in all, our philosophy when it comes to beer is a simple and inclusive one. We believe our beer should be delicious, accessible to everyone, and served one floor above where it’s lovingly made.

PA Preferred

Beatrice Marie

6.3 ABV

This dark and delightfully hoppy beer was made with a variety of specialty malt, oats and lactose, hopped intensely with Motueka and Citra and then dry hopped with a heaping helping of cryogenically frozen Citra hops.

Brass Monkey (Malt Liquor)

8.1 ABV

This high gravity brew was created in honor of the classic beer cocktail made famous by the Beastie Boys, where orange juice and malt liquor are combined to form an amped up (and cheaper) take on a Mimosa...

The Pepper in the Rye

5.8 ABV

Brewed with a psychosis-inducing amount of rye and local buckwheat from Deer Creek malting company. Fermented with our house mixed Saison culture and conditioned at cellar

Keystone Blume

8.8 ABV

Our take on a classic farmhouse ale, this summer delight drinks like a dry wine, with an ABV to match. Brewed primarily with German Pilsner and Munich Maltstempered by two weeks of conditioning atopvPA wildflowers including chamomile and violets

Fashionable Monk

5.4 ABV

Using our super drinkable Belgian Single Modest Monk as a base beer, we infused this special one off keg in the style of a classic Old Fashioned cocktail, using whiskey soaked Maraschino cherries, oranges, and orange peels. Get it while you can!

Greenway Pale Ale

4.6 ABV

Our house Juicy Pale Ale, brewed this time with a hearty dose of wheat and heavy late kettle additions of Simcoe and Citra, a combination that replicates that blends bright citrus and subtle pine notes. A light malt profile of Pale and Maris Otter...


7.9 ABV

A double IPA exploding with classic American hop character, this beer is named after the four hops it was brewed with: Chinook, Cascade, Citra, and Centennial. Showing equal amounts of pine and citrus, this beer finishes light and clean...

Modest Monk

5.4 ABV

A full flavored but low alcohol Belgian table beer made to pair well with most food, this style of beer was brewed for hundreds of years by Belgian Monks for their own daily consumption. Medium bodied with notes of brown sugar and a touch of maple...


4.7 ABV

Our first certified PA Preferred brewed beer – sourced and brewed with all PA ingredients! Golden, crisp, and refreshing, this beautiful Pilsner was brewed with 100% Pennsylvania grown Colonial Pils and Sweet Vienna malts...

Full Nelson

6.7 ABV

Our great Single Hop IPA, conditioned on citrus leaves. We brewed this mid strength IPA to showcase the glory of the Nelson Sauvin hop. Aromas of white grape must dominate, light citrus and grapefruit in the finish

How We Brew

Thoughtfully and with willful intent! We will make our wonderful beers in small batches, 200 gallons at a time, to ensure that absolute freshness is always maintained. Delivering sensory excitement is our guiding principle. We will focus on New-American Hoppy Ales, expressively fragrant and refreshing Franco-Belgian ales, classic malt-forward English and American varieties, and the unmatched subtlety and drinkability of the German brewing tradition.

Crowlers are 32oz cans that are filled right in the brewpub but capped with a special sealing machine behind the bar. These oversized cans are the perfect takeout beer option.

Why Crowlers?

  • Why use a Crowler instead of the traditional Growler?

    Think of a crowler as a no hassle growler - no cleaning, no forgetting to bring it with you, and no pile of used growlers crowding your kitchen cabinets.

    Crowlers also keep beer fresher for a longer period of time compared to growlers. While growlers typically keep beer fresh and carbonated for 1-2 days, crowlers will keep your beer fresh 1-2 weeks.

  • How should the CROWLER® be stored if not consumed immediately?

    Keep it refrigerated, just like a normal can of beer.