Celebrate the PSPCA during April!

Visit on Friday, April 6th for the kick-off event where you can sign up to volunteer with the PSPCA and if weather permits, pet a dog outside or maybe even adopt one!!!!

Donations will be accepted during the month of April 

House-made dog biscuits will be available for purchase - all proceeds will be donated to the PSPCA

50 cents from every purchase of our house brewed "Tail Waggin' Wheat" Ale will be donated to the PSPCA

Share a photo of your adopted fur baby with us by emailing fishtownbrewpub@gmail.com  and we will highlight your pet on Instagram in April, you will receive a gift certificate for one "Tail Waggin' Wheat" Ale with the purchase of any other item.

You can support the animals of the Pennsylvania SPCA through tax deductible in-kind donations. Because of the many animals they rescue each year, they have an ongoing need for:

Dog & Cat Treats (unopened)

Soft dog treats (Beggin’ Strips, Pup-peroni)

Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls (lamb or beef only)

Nylabones for dogsDog & Cat

Wet and Dry food (unopened)

Kongs & Kong Wobblers (new)



Cat litter