Patrick Quinn


Chef Patrick Quinn has been working in kitchens since the age of 16 when he took a summer job washing dishes at a busy seafood restaurant in his hometown of Wilmington, NC. At 23 he landed his first head chef position at a popular bar and grill where he entered the local Chili Cook-off and Wing Contest and took first place awards at both.

At 25, Quinn left the Carolina coast and made his way to Boulder, Colorado. It was here that Patrick began to learn the art of seasonal cooking and craft beer pairings, gaining a leadership role at the flagship location of Kimbal (brother of Elon) Musk’s highly acclaimed farm-to-table concept working closely with local farms and breweries to create daily menus and monthly beer dinners.

After 3 years at The Kitchen, Patrick continued his journey, learning various styles of cuisine across the country, opening a Pan- Asian concept with The Big Red F, the Boulder restaurant group that produced Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenburg, a French Brasserie with Wolfgang Puck in Las Vegas and a Gastropub in Los Angeles with Top Chef’s Chris “CJ” Jacobson.

In 2013, Quinn moved to New York City and the following summer, was brought on to create an original Southern BBQ menu at The Rockaway Beach Surf Club in Queens. The menu was a success and gained attention from The New Yorker‬ and The New York Times.‬ In 2016 he created another original menu and concept at The Brooklyn Tree, a fresh take on classic American comfort food in Williamsburg. 

Now, Chef Quinn has brought his unique style of seasonal comfort food to The Fishtown Brewpub with a menu that reimagines classic pub fare and compliments our hand crafted brews.