About Us

The Fishtown neighborhood grew out of the heart and soul of the Shad fishing industry and has remained home to hard working Philadelphians ever since.

This working man’s ethic still pervades the Fishtown neighborhood but with a new perspective. The original blue-collar community is joined by a younger crowd of hard-working professionals. With this change, Fishtown is becoming a melting pot for the old and the new.

Fishtown Brewpub is for people who work hard to play hard, are proud of their community and love to kick back with a cold beer.

The Chef
The Bar Manager

Why We Brew

We brew to create the best quality beers we can and to control the quality of that product directly into the glass. We will be making sensitive beers of a highly aromatic quality and age is the true death of aroma when talking about beer. We want each sip to be as good as the last and selling our craft directly to you is the best way to do everything in our power to make that happen. Besides, what would we do with ourselves if we couldn't see all of your smiling faces as you savor each new beer?

What We Brew

We will focus on and specialize in brewing flavorful New-American Hoppy Ales exploding with our incredible American hop character, expressively fragrant and refreshing Franco-Belgian ales expressing diverse and complex yeast character, classic malt-forward English and American varieties, and the unmatched subtlety and drinkability of the German brewing tradition. Within these broad styles we will make many variations, offering 6-8 different beers give you a dense variety to experience.

The Fishtown Brewpub location itself has a unique past that represents the industrial boom of Fishtown.

The building was part of one of the earliest industrial complexes in Fishtown, and one of the oldest in Kensington. Over the course of a century, the building was home to a number of businesses: Martin Landenberger Hosiery Mill; an early and important elevator manufacturer, the Morse Elevator Works, which was once the leading producer of freight elevators in the world, and the Otis Elevator Company’s Philadelphia location.

Since then, Fishtown has slowly transformed into an artistic and culinary mecca for both Philly locals and out of town visitors. Whether you’re in the neighborhood to check out a concert or comedy show, or weaving in and out of unique boutique shops on Frankford Ave, Fishtown Brewpub is the perfect spot to stop for a hand crafted beer and delicious meal.